About navdata.net


Develop a combination of easily accessible and cost efficient hard and software to allow community based precision geolocation. Compared to existing projects, we emphasize on creating a public networked service rather than an individual setup. We consider the project successful if we aggregate an equivalent or better service than existing NTRIP providers. While processing GNSS data, the related time information shall be made available in the form of public NTP servers.


The project shall be valuable for the public at large serving diverse purposes. Improving the location precision for mobile phones, vehicles, farmers machinery, drone pilots or other location and navigation purposes.

Current goal

To create a firmware image combining:



into a ready to run RTK base station streaming correction data to a PylonGPS caster.



Accessible on Read the Docs and maintained at https://github.com/navdata-net/documentation


Maintained on github at https://github.com/navdata-net/installer

Used to develop the navdata.net configuration and for installations not using the navdata.net images for reference hardware. The resources developed in the installer repository are reused in the yocto layer repository.

Yocto workdir

Maintained on github at https://github.com/navdata-net/workdir

Used to simplify working with yocto, develop the navdata.net yocto image configuration and make it easy to compile and develop the navdata.net image.

Yocto layer

Maintained on github at https://github.com/navdata-net/meta-navdatanet

Used to develop the recipes for software navdata.net needs to add to yocto.