Development environment setup

Clone / update workdir repository

Switch to yocto user as prepared in <os_setup>, clone your copy:

cd /
git clone

Inside workdir, the setup adds several additional git repositories. When you are working with, prefer to execute your git commands from the /workdir or meta-navdatanet folder respectively to avoid any ambiguity reagrding which repository your action is meant to execute on.

Clone the poky and poky layer repositories using script:

cd /workdir

You can run the script any time later to update / pull your copy of the repositories.

Compile basestation image

To compile the basestation image, you need to start the yocto build container and initiate bitbake inside it:

cd /workdir
cd /workdir/dev

Any ditbake commands should be run from within the docke build container. You can verify operating from the container by checking your username, which should be “pokyuser”.